Monday 27 November 2023

PZtoday workshop DreamzHouse

The artist PZ came to The Gate to build dream houses with our artists. Some people made bricks, some people designed wallpaper, some people did interior design, some people added extensions to their existing homes. The workshop works will form part of a self-published PZ book, forthcoming in February. 

Monday 20 November 2023

London Fashion Week - Ashley Williams SS24

Fashion designer Ashley Williams collaborated with The Gate for her hotly-anticipated SS24 runway show for London Fashion Week. The collaborative pieces featured in the show were created at a series of workshops hosted by The Gate. 

Here's an article in Dazed.

We travelled to Islington in September to see the show which was held in a large underground concrete atrium, apparently a former music hall awaiting redevelopment. We arrived early to tackle the many stairs and got to see the fashionable people filling up the benches after us ready to watch the show. 

The show started with a small witch looking figure holding a staff walking into the middle of the cavernous space to the sound of 'Everytime' by Britney Spears:

🎶 Notice me
      Take my hand 🎶

From there we were led on a comfy, cute journey into an apocalyptic future.

Here is a selection of the pieces that The Gate collaborated on with Ashley Williams:


The blog is back! We have a very belated report on a blockbuster exhibition from May at the Horse Hospital called EVERYTHING MUST GO!

On display were hundreds of artworks: large scale sculptures, collages, videos and audio pieces, including a huge archive of paper works in piles on tables. Some highlights from the show were Mary's large and colourful ship sculptures made from bamboo twigs, which sailed away to Dover after the show; Labake's Sim house, a sculpture containing virtual recreations of her life; Richie's sculpture of his dream club made from cardboard with a bluetooth speaker inside it playing hits like 'Push The Feeling On' by the Nightcrawlers and Eddy's hip hop collages. In the early evening there were performances by Mr. AKA Amazing, Labake and Jason who sung an emotional rendition of his ode to Blackpool, his favourite holiday destination.

The show was a big success and a lot of people came. 

Monday 11 July 2022

 Graphic Design Workshop 


Dina Sianteva

in full swing.

Art book to be published on 30/07/22

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Magic Man:


Tuesday 5 July 2022

 We are very excited to take part in the


on the 30th July 2022

We have a very special set of publications for you:

A book documenting our LandArt sessions

Duane's aka Mr Amazing's debut album

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