Thursday, 20 December 2018

STORY TIME Episode 7

We're back with LM Dubz for another edition of Story Time! "Visit but they ah!"

Wednesday, 21 November 2018

VIDEO DRAMA - A Trip to the Future

In the eyes of deceit pub in London, Marty Mcfly and the Doc are provided with an old treasure map by a wise old barman, so they resolve to find some treasure...

Friday, 12 October 2018

Emma North - Roberto da Silva

Our song writing sessions at the Gate often focus around peoples specific interests, and in this case we focused on Roberto's astounding memory for game shows. He could remember many contestants of 'Who Wants to be a Millionaire?' but there was only one remembered who went home with nothing. We bring you...... EMMA NORTH

Monday, 8 October 2018


Roll Up Roll Up! Here's the video from this Years Gate Custard 4! Live at the Andrew LLoyd Webber Theatre 18/09/18 ENJOY!


Thursday, 4 October 2018

Leon's Storytime for National Poetry Day.

Since it's National Poetry Day here's our resident wordsmith and his immersive stories.



Tuesday, 21 August 2018

JAMAICA Collective - Live @ Horse Festival, Iklectik. 11.08.18

Jamaica, the improvisation collective from the Gate Art Centre, surprised the audience, artists and organisers of the 12th edition of the Horse Trials festival at the Iklectic on 11th August.
The Horse Trials Festival is organised by The Horse Improvised Music Club. It was established in March 2012, when it held a series of gigs at The Horse pub in Waterloo. Since December 2014 then they have had worked in partnership with IKlectik Art lab. The Club places a strong emphasis on programming established performers alongside new musicians.
Jamaica was born two years ago at The Gate Art Centre in Shepherds Bush. The idea was to fit the ever changing people who attended the music sessions in the weekly improvisation session. Alan Courtis was the first established improviser who led a workshop at the Gate in 2017. Then there has been a couple of rare London performances at Chatts Cafe (Bermondsey) and All Hallows Church (Southwark) in 2017 and 2018 respectively.
On this occasion, Jamaica was formed by five musicians: John, guitar; Brian, keyboard; Mary, home made spring box; Jason, homemade one string fretless stick, and Simon vocals. They surprised the audience with their loose and natural well structured improvisation using everyday objects and homemade instruments. The music was a psychedelic journey guiding by the unpredictable minimalistic guitar of John and the amazing harmonies and chords added by Brian on keyboards. Along with Mary and Jason they travelled into the deepest layers of the mind presented in his unique way by Jamaica’s MC Simon.
The club is organised by Adam Bohman and Sue lynch who are musicians on the London Improvised Music Scene, both of them professed at the end of Jamaica’s performance to be very impressed by the group and they want to invite them back again next year.
These are great news for for Jamaica who are making their way to be part of the London experimental music scene in their own right.
For more info:

Friday, 13 July 2018

100th Gate Kicks Episode.

This email is to celebrate the 100th episode of Gate Kicks, the radio programme produced at the Gate Art Centre by people who attend this centre every week to do art, music, video and other artistic activities.
The programme started on 14th June 2016 and it has been broadcast on Resonance FM 104.4 (the first Art-Radio in the UK). It is presented by Darren (2 Decks) and Leon (LM Dubz). They interview people involved with bands, production, and promotion of music made by people with learning disabilities from all around the world. No long ago the programme was invited to take part in the prestigious French music festival Sonic Protest 2018, and it has been recognised as a bridge between music made by people with learning disabilities and general public.

I want to thank you Yarrow Housing and Resonance FM to support this initiative and of course 2 Decks and LM Dubz for to be our 5 star presenters.

Every Tuesday 22.00 hrs on Resonance FM 104.4:
To listen to the 100 Episode of Gate Kicks!!! Please see below:

(Blog by Javier - Gate kick's producer)