Friday, 18 June 2021

Space Edition discovering Mr Amazing's music planet

Hey Guys, Today this Space Edition discovering Mr Amazing's music planet, yeah. Duane aka Mr Amazing is one of our beloved radio presenters. During the Covid-19 pandemic lockdown, he got bored and started to explore his parents home looking for musical objects, of course the handiest one was his mobile phone hahaha, a small keyboard, unusual kitchen appliances such as his microwave, Google samplers, he added a pinch of his hip-hoppy romantic and existential lyrics, he mixed, stirred and shaked everything... et voila!! you got something so unique that cannot be categorized in any place within this planet. Mr Amazing has played in the impro band Jamaica! which is based at The Gate, he has taken part in many live shows including Cafe Oto, ICA, and the Green Door in Brighton. He has made music along with Labake and MC Top Richie. These songs are in a raw state, they have not been produced or touch by any third party is just Mr Amazing alone in his home for this reason these songs are so valuable. Seat, Relax and Listen to Mr Amazing's music... you will be amazed!!!
Photo: Mr Amazing.

Sunday, 13 June 2021

Celebrating the music of Fuzzbomb Flash Band (Carousel), The Carbonators (Club Soda) and Electric Fire (Heart N Soul) and Chelsea FC Champions League!!

Hey Gate Kickers, While Labake and Richie are happily celebrating Chelsea FC winning the Champions League, beating Manchester City in Porto Portugal 1-0. We celebrate the music of other bands made of musicians with Learning Disabilities within other UK great organisations such as Carousel, Heart n Soul and Club Soda. We go through the music of Fuzzbomb Flash Band, who are based in Brighton at Carousel and listen to two tracks from their album called Happy: "Funky Fuzzbomb Food" and "Traffic". Then we go to Club Soda in Croydon, and Labake talks about the problems faced by people with disabilities who want to work but the companies do not want to adapt the places to hire them, so we listen to The Carbonators and their song "Trouble at Work". Then we travel to South East London to meet Heart N Soul in Deptford and the band Electric Fire, we listen to two wonderful tracks by them: "Buzzing" and "Do you own Thing". Seat, Relax and Listen!!!
Photo: Fuzzbomb Flash Band, L-R: George Jarman; Jolene Wild; Taurean Tate-Bailey and Barnaby Smith.

What were your best holidays memories ? Were they in the UK or abroad?

Hey Guys!! Summer is here, but... the Traffic Light System keep us away from certain countries. What we can do? Remembering our best holidays abroad or stay in the UK and support the local hospitality businesses is not a bad idea. Our presenters remembered the best holidays memories in the UK and abroad. Duane remembers when he travelled to Kingston in Jamaica with his parents and the hungry seagulls who stole his chips in Brighton but also shows his latest song "Jigsaw Jungle Freestyle". Our DJ Mc Top Richie presents his EDM tracks Summer Vibes and Ibiza, dreaming with holidays in Ibiza and Tenerife dancing and having fun. Labake talks about her "stairscation" at home and their coming Video Game "The Gate Station" she presents a track with the same name where she is a bullies' killer. This episode is full of nice music and funny stories, seat, relax and listen!! ADVERTENCY: BEWARE OF HUNGRY SEAGULLS!!!
Photo from : BBC News "Cheeky seagull caught stealing fish and chips in Tenby" <>

Friday, 28 May 2021

Gate Kicks! is looking forward for the British Summer

Hey Gate Kickers!!! MC Top Richie, 2 Decks, Labake and Mr Amazing are looking forward for the British Summer... our weird mix of all seasons in just one day ... hahaha, now we should stay local enjoying this beautiful island remembering the uninterrupted sunny days abroad. 2 Decks also paid tribute to his friend Leon aka LM Dubz who passed away last year 2020, so we listened to their famous track Coffee Dub with Leon on bass and keyboards at the legendary Sausage Studios. After the lockdown everybody is getting back together so we played couple really beautifulL tracks "REUNITED" and "POSITIVELY DELIGHTED" by Labake, MC Top Richie and Mr Amazing. We suggest you to wear your shorts, socks and sandals, grab a cold beer, go to your front or back garden, take a seat under the sun put headphones on your ears and have a trip into you mind for 30 minutes listening to another HOT episode of Gate Kicks!
Photo: An English man wears socks with sandals during summer in a domestic garden setting, England UK MODEL RELEASED Contributor: Deborah Vernon / Alamy Stock Photo

Monday, 24 May 2021

Gate Kicks! talked about NHS / Covid - 19 vaccine and Afro-British Identity.

Hey Gate Kickers!! Labake, Mc Top Richie and Mister Amazing discussed the work of NHS during pandemic times and their own experiences with Covid-19 vaccines. Also, they talked about their Afro British identity as the second generation of African and Caribbean living in the UK. The fantastic music of Theophilus Oluwafifehami Ajayi, Labake and Mr Aamzing is combined to feel the context of each topic. I am sure that you will be delighted to listen to this episode.
Photo: BAME staff account for 60% of Covid-19 health worker deaths.

Friday, 14 May 2021

What do you do when you get bored?

Hey guys, In this episode Labake is away getting her second Covid-19 jab but our presenters Mr Amazing and DJ Top Richie discussed about what they do when they get bored, apart of watching football and listen to music they also make music. We listened their creative songs, funny messages, amazing electronics everything works perfect in the hands of our sound wizard Beehive Pines. They also showed to us what they like to listen to: Kanye West, Roger Sanchez, Grand Master Flash among others. So, as usual, I advise you to seat, relax and enjoy the music!!!
Photo: Grand Master Flash and the Furious Five. By Source, Fair use,

Gate Kicks comments about the Oscars 2021

 Hey guys,

Our Gate Kicks!  presenters talked about the Oscars 2021 and their winners!!! Labake and Richie gave their impressions about the films, soundtracks and thematics. Please Seat and Watch it with you Ears!!!

Photo: Ma Rainey's Black Bottom: DAVID LEE/NETFLIX