Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Counter Destroyer (1989) - Film Review by Mary.

Counter Destroyer is a Kung fu film about a Kung fu cat man who has big nails on his hands who hits people and scratches their faces down.

Two ladies sit down eating and one of the ladies has a can of coke and one of the ladies has chicken and rice. The cat man goes in the water and smoke comes out and then he scratches a girl's back with his nails and then the he takes her top off and eats her body up.

 There are two men who have big teeth like vampires who do jumping and the cat man does kung fu on them and then a big strong man comes and does kung fu on the catman and kills him and picks him up, dead.

A man gets burned up in a car and gets dead and a girl did it (with lipstick on) because she put a bomb in the flowers and gave it to the man.

The girl gets shot by some chinese person with a wash cloth on his face and then she is dead too

This is a really good film, I watch it and I like it and I want to watch it tomorrow and I think the people will like it.

 Counter Destroyer at IMDB.

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