Tuesday, 7 June 2016

H&F Artsfest The Gate Gallery Opening, 6/6/16

"Quite a lot of of people went and the artwork was really nice." Duane.

"This is me explaining to somebody about my art, I thought the exhibition was a good way of showing how people with learning disabilities can do things for themselves." Labake.

"Louise talking with Margaret." Duane.

"This picture is an idea for an album cover for Collective Strike, A hip-hop crew made up of members of the Gate." Darren.

"This is Louise, she likes crisps and rock music, I Like Louise cos she's cool." Shivesh.

"Pat with her work, I think the flowers are nice, I like the colours, they're very nice." Duane.

"Pat's art is a floral selection, they're absolutely beautiful." Darren.

"This is a nice picture of flowers on the wall and a lot of people came to see it and they thought it was really good." Mary.

"This is me with my art work, it's very good." Pat.

"Carol dished the wine out for everyone who came for the exhibition." Duane.

"Picture of Wayne taken by me. Wayne's artwork is in the style of Jackson Pollock and his music is very experimental. Wayne is very friendly and polite." Darren.

"This is a sea monster, it goes in the water and I made it." Mary.

"These are my dolls that are stuck together to symbolise how i feel about life, they're chained up to show how I feel about myself." Labake.

"This is Mandy's work. Mandy is very political and is very fond of animals." Darren.

Photos  below by Carol.

 For more of the art displayed at this exhibition please visit: http://artatthegate.blogspot.co.uk

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