Monday, 13 March 2017

FW17 Fashion Show @ Stanley Picker Gallery, Kingston.

Mandy - We had a day out at Kingston to do a fashion show with some models and we all dress up with the outfits what we made for the day out.

Duane - They played a song I played in the background called Believer. It was a crazy day and the first time I did it because I've never done that before. I just fashion innit?

Eddy - First time I've been on a show. Everybody was helpful and it was nice and everybody enjoyed themselves.

Mary - It's really good. People like it. The clothes were nice and the models dressed up smart, the tall guy with the shorts on him, the handsome guys and handsome ladies, one lady was very tall. A lot of people helping us out. They took loads of pictures. I want to go back again.

 Marissa - Nice clothes, nice people, it was good there.

Film by Mark / Photography By Darren.

Big ups to Ecocore Magazine and the Stanley Picker Gallery.

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