Thursday, 22 October 2015

2Decks Band @ Blue Camel Club 28/09/15

Yo check this! 2Decks talking.
Thease videos were recorded in Brighton when we were doing our gig in the corn exchange 
at the Blue Camel Club.
The venue was great, the music was great, the bands were great, I was great.
In fact everything was great.
There was even one point where my homeboys Francis and Jason were busting some moves on the dance floor.
This is one those gig that you should never say no to.
One of the things I like about brighton gigs is that you can go for walk and somthing to eat while your
waiting to do your sound check.
We could learn a lot from our brethren down carousel.

Photo by Paul Mansfield.
Photo by Paul Mansfield.
Photo by Paul Mansfield.

Mat (Guitar).
LM Dubz (Bass).
Francis Gravity (Backing Vocals) / 2Decks (Vocals).
Roberto (Backing Vocals / Drums).

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