Friday, 9 October 2015

Franz Ferdinand: Erdbeer Mund - Video Review by Mary

First Nick is walking around in the field with a basket in his hand, looking for strawberries.
Then he sings and he opens his mouth and colours and strawberries come out and that is very funny. He wears a hat, shoes, and a yellow shirt like mine.
Then Nick dances with his arms and his legs moving. His eyes are scary and his head’s come off. I think that’s really good.
Then he is doing Bollywood dancing with a strawberry instead of his head.
He is looking around with a basket in his hand and he picks strawberries.

Now I can see four guys and two hands with strawberries instead of fingers. I think that’s mad but I might do that soon at The Gate. 
Then Nick walks on the road. That’s very dangerous because lorries and cars might come and knock him over. He might die.
Then he throws some heads around. I think that’s alright and I might do that sometime. I might do it with Sanjay’s and Louise’s and my own head. I might also saw Seb’s head off. And Mat’s.
Then Nick dances again. He is a very good dancer.
 Then he holds a bunch of flowers in his hand. He might be in love with Louise or his wife Maunela or Sanjay, but I don’t know.

Then he goes to his garden shed and puts a basket on the bench and then he holds his chin in his hand and he’s looking at the people but there are no people there.
I like the video very much and I might watch it again on Monday. I might show it to Karliff and Louise and Mat.
Well done!
Love, Mary.

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