Monday, 30 March 2020

Jamaica! In The Wire

Thanks to Robyn Steward (Robyn's Rocket) for including Jamaica! in her pick of 8 artists from London's 'inclusive conscious gig scene'. Cheers! Highly recommend that you check out the rest of her picks - Carbonators, Lizzie Emeh, Daniel Wakeford, The Fish Police, K-Dog, Bubbaloo and Mind The Gap if you haven't already. Check the rest of the article here

Tuesday, 24 March 2020

Wash Your Hands!

Like pretty much everywhere else in the UK (the world?) we've temporarily shut up shop. Before we closed, we knocked together this public information film / music video. Big up Imogen, Francis, Mary, Jason, Duane and Diane for the dancing and/or demonstrating. Enjoy! Wash those hands!

Monday, 9 March 2020

Jamaica! At Cube Microplex Bristol 7/3/20

Last Saturday, Jamaica! went on the train to Bristol to play a gig with Triple Negative and Rhodri Davies / Viridian Ensemble at the Cube Microplex in Bristol.

Jason - 

"Me and Richie are wearing masks and dancing in this video. I enjoyed going to Bristol and I enjoyed playing guitar. I enjoyed the train ride and I enjoyed the dinner. I liked meeting the other people. I had a glass of coca-cola

Richie -

"I think Bristol was good. When we were doing the mixing thing it was good. What Leon was doing with the guitar was good and Josh was good on the harp. The food was great! "


Jason - Guitar
Leon - Guitar
Josh - Harp
Richie - Electronics
Charles - Tapes

Thanks to all at The Cube for a great night.

Jason - "I really enjoyed it".