Tuesday, 27 March 2018

Gate Kicks @ the Sonic Protest Festival, Paris.

Gate Kicks @ the Sonic Protest Festival, Paris.
7th March 2018.

On the seventh of March 2Decks and myself (Javier) boarded the Eurostar for Paris, we were invited to talk about our radio programme Gate Kicks* at the Sonic Protest Festival 2018.

After nearly 3 hours sitting on the now vintage fast speed train, we crossed the English channel to reach Gare Du Nord. The bad thing was the exchange rate which in the station were paying just 45 euros for 60 pounds, unbelievable!!! But that was compensate with the cheap one day tube ticket for just 1,90 euros (something like £1.80).

When we reached Les Halles station we found this brand new building and shopping centre were the Mediatheque of Paris is located, the building design looks inspired by the London Aquatics Centre designed by the Iraqi-British architect  Zaha Hadid for the London Olympics 2012.

This was the beginning of Sonic Protest 2018, a 10 day festival, which has been running since 2003. The festival mixes the best of experimental musicians from all around the world with bands formed by people with learning disability or menthal health issues.  During the festival there are lots of different events like conferences, round tables, exhibitions, work shops, etc, giving an special place to the art and music made by people with learning disabilities which they call Art Brut, or Raw Art.

The first thing we saw was a photo exhibition where pictures taken by 2Decks were the inspiration for a French disabled artist to do some art. Also they were exhibiting a large collection of music, cds and vinyls produced by musicians with LD from all around the world.

That afternoon there was a four hours live radio programme called Radio Tisto & Bruits Coloir, they broadcast music made by people with learning disabilities, including some tracks sent by us like the Fuzzbomb flash band and 2Decks.

2Decks was invited to talk about Gate Kicks and his own music. We were amazed to discover the large number of 2Decks fans in the room , they told us that the track Whacky Baccy was a sensation among the listeners of Radio Tisto which is produced by Les Harrys, who are young autistic adults, from their nomadic studio for Radio Liberte.

After the 2Decks interview he performed some of his classic songs including "something new for the old school"

This marvellous evening finished with an amazing gig which included the talented piano improviser Fabrice Foster, Glenn Marzin  and Les Troupes De L'Imaginaire, please check them out.

After a nice walk to our hotel the only thing we regret was not having enough time and money to stay the 10 days and enjoy more.

Gate Kicks which is broadcast every Tuesday at 10pm on Resonance FM104.4,  https://resonancefm.com/
For more information about the festival: http://www.sonicprotest.com/


Thursday, 15 March 2018

Jamaica - I Can't hear You 12/03/18

We've been stepping it up an inclusive gear in our improvisational music sessions; bowing resonating tins with springs inside, cymbals, and metal bowls. All pitch shifted by Graillon and controlled with the LK app on ipad...

Duane- "I used my hands and flicked them and pulled the strings up and used the bow violin thing"

Jason- "I was playing the cymbal like a violin and I was banging it with a stick and I made a noise, it sounded like a church bell"

Darren 2Decks- "I was just conducting it, by giving out signs and signals with my hands to each musician. I really don't know how to describe how it sounds"

We're looking forward to our live Jamaica performance at our "Gatorium" Art exhibition details below...