Friday, 26 June 2020

Lockdown Lowdown - An Update

Coronavirus and lockdown has had a big impact on the lives of the attendees of activities at The Gate. Not only were the routines of our Service Users disturbed, but a good percentage of them suddenly found themselves in a very isolated position with little contact to the outside world, as well as friends and health - and social care professionals. The Gate has always been a hub for learning disabled artists in the West London area and beyond. It is a place to meet, create, maintain social networks, form relationships with outside agencies, as well as find guidance when it comes to housing and health- and social care issues.

Thanks to a grant from Hammersmith United Charities, secured by Certitude, we've been able to carry on our work for our client base of 20-25 people.

Here’s a brief update about what we've been up to recently -

We've started twice weekly online art classes via Zoom, with plans to create a Gate video game. Have a look at Duane's Sonic The Hedgehog, pictured below.

We've been sending out packs of art materials for our artists to use whilst in lockdown.

Arts Facilitator Seb has been delivering these packs on his bike

This was covered in an article in The Guardian too.

We put together another activity sheet ,following the sheet about Judith Scott. This one was based on the work of some of our contributors. You can view and download it here

Gate Kicks has temporarily changed into ‘Quarantine Radio Hour’ (christened by Richie) - a trimmer 10 minute-ish version of the usual 30 minute show. You can catch the show on Resonance FM too. Here's the latest two episodes! Depending on who's available, the show is recorded either on the telephone, or via Zoom, or a combination of both.

Leon has been painting & drawing regularly outside of our twice weekly online art classes. He's also been writing stories and playing the bass. Look out for a feature on his painting in an upcoming radio / video show.

This image prompted the creation of an entire character - Polton the Extra-Terrestrial - listen to an interview with Polton here - 

There's been some great fashion designs too from John, Mary and Wayne. The Gate are collaborating with Stanley Picker Gallery / Kingston University.

 Stuart, has been busy writing lyrics for a forthcoming heavy metal project!