Friday, 1 December 2017

UPGATE 01/12

This week Christmas has been in the air and Emma's made some christmas graffiti cards with our volunteer Anthony...

 Next here's our latest edition of Gate Kicks on Resonance FM!

As Christmas is in the air this week's video is called "Good Santa Bad Santa"


Monday, 20 November 2017

UpGate 20/11

This week loads of people turned up for art sessions, everyone seemed to want to use pens exclusively this time..



Next up is our regular radio show GATE KICKS broadcast last Tuesday, presented by Duane and featuring a music session from out resident impro band Jamaica...

Last of all, we didn't run a full video drama this week as we were discussing our dignity in care video which will be shown to all Yarrow staff. But here's a video drama we made earlier in the year called "No Carols"... In this episode Carol and crew decide to go to a rave and also a riveting session of bingo, unfortunately some of the venue's entrance policy isn't as inclusive as expected.

Friday, 10 November 2017

This Weeks UpGate 10/11

We've had another packed week here at the gate, finishing with Fridays Moving Portraits workshop with Spare Tyre! The finished videos to follow in the near future as well as being part of an exhibition.

On Tuesday the latest edition of Gate Kicks aired on Resonance FM featuring a full length improvisational piece from our experimental band Jamaica:-

And Last but by no means least, the latest Video Drama....and its a KNOCK OUT!

Friday, 3 November 2017

This Weeks UpGate

This week at the Gate Everyone sat down on Monday for the art sessions, Mary and Jackie making use of the new stencils made by our volunteer Anthony, and Michael has continued work on his new guitar piece.

On Wednesday we had video drama and everyone agreed on the subject of rubbish support workers, which were skilfully and accurately portrayed by Arlo and Mat.. you can watch it here...

Last but not least on Tuesday night our latest episode of Gate Kicks aired on resonance FM and you can listen to it here...

Tuesday, 26 September 2017


Last week the Gate headed back to smash another night out at the Andrew Lloyd Webber Theatre, with an awesome performance from all! You can check it out here...

Tuesday, 5 September 2017

VIDEO DRAMA - The Giant in a House

In this episode the Smithy family are at home relaxing when they hear a strange noise coming from outside the front door, a baby?!? The baby is hungry and they feed it as much as they can afford, then the baby starts to grow quite a bit larger than they expected....

Monday, 7 August 2017

VIDEO DRAMA - The Bands Fault

The hot new band "Prawn Carnage" are sitting happily in their rehearsal room when Leon sees a poster for a battle of the bands competition and they immediately decide to enter. After they park their car and decide to get something to eat, something terrible happens...

Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Preview song from forthcoming Gate compilation CD - Clare Louise Miller - Coming out as a Lesbian.

New song from Clare featuring Cellist Jonathan Rees (Really Classical Relay) and Nick McCarthy (from Franz Ferdinand / Manuela). From forthcoming Gate compilation CD Gate Custard.

Tuesday, 11 July 2017

2 Gate Kicks Radio Shows (27/6 & 4/7)

This week Darren and Josh presents some metal made by Josh, chaotic noise by Random as the Creator, and Les Harry's from France, enjoy it!!!

This week Darren presents the Blue Camel Festival in Brighton organised by Carousel with the Fuzz Bomb Flash Band, the Coasters, 2Decks, and more!!!

Tune in to Gate Kicks!! at every Tuesday at 7.30pm and for the repeat on Fridays at 4.00pm

 Or for our archive of previous shows check here:

Thursday, 29 June 2017

ARTITUDE - LOOKATTHISLUNCH exhibition @ Chats SE1 3AY 16/6/17 - 19/6/17

Click on pics to enlarge.

Captions by Mary.

A garage.

A garage too - all the same garage.

A cafe and a chair.

Small little Jackie's pictures.

A picture people drawed.

Table with art stuff.

Art stuff.

Table and picture by Becky.

Plasticine picture.

Pat's sticks.

Duane's farm one.

Becky's funfair.

Becky's game.

Like a Wi.


Like faces, little people.

That boy did these.

Football game.

It's got a face picture.

Kashan did the clock.

Plasticine and sticks and things.
Becky's trains, the whole lot of them.
It's a train.

I made this in art class.

Who did this?

Like someone else done it.

Writing people done.
I made this and another one, it's a sword.

Someone did MacDonalds.

Pat made this with sticks and plasticine.

Again, Pat done this ones.

Michael's butterfly one.

Like a plasticine people.

Little people.
A bird.

Like an eye on there.

Marissa's brain inside her head.

Like a bully.

A little people in a box

A people.

Someone done this in art class.

A painting.
Like a picture.

Sticks with plasticine sticking up.

Like a houses.

Like a finger.


Becky done this picture.

He come to do art class and he done this.

Another one in a box.

Like a clown.

Like plasticine to me.

Little people.

Like patterns.


Leon's faces.

Looks like a house to me.

A sea bird.


Becky's two elephants.

Two elephants again.

Elephants again.

Two elephants again.

Two elephants again.

Like a funfair.

Like a funfair again.


Duane's farm.

There's a funfair with a football in it.

Leon looking at his funfair.

Who done that?

Labake and leon are there.

People looking at it.
One Josh made.


Outside eating.