Monday, 20 January 2020

Upcoming CD launch event.

Come join us for our CD launch and pick up a copy for half price - Happy to announce that joining us for this will be Heart 'N Soul act Electric Fire

See you there.

Monday, 13 January 2020


"Clumsy Jazz from Dalston, East London. We got there and set everything up, and we started with soundcheck. We went out to have a meal outside. Then we came back and started Set #1. It sounded loud and good. We all other played other instruments in Part 1 and 2. The drums were loud and the big violin with the double bass, and the small one, it really sounds like a train slowing down or a door opening slowly. The small drum can sound like someone's knocking on the door or a wall. Everything sounded just there in mix sound. When it came to the piano, it took two people to play the piano. The keys were thick to play we had to press hard but we tried but we had a laugh on it. The other band sounded good and loud. We stopped. It sounded messy like we were going on a live street performance. We took a 5 minute break and we were back on. Afterwards, we had to leave. Good gig. Yeah, it was good." Leon.

Tuesday, 7 January 2020


Jamaica! the improvisation band from the Gate, will take over Cafe Oto, 
the most prestigious cutting edge music venue in London.

This Wednesday 8th January, Jamaica will lead you to a complete new music dimension, because their music comes from untrained honest musicians with learning disabilities who will experiment making noises together with other fine improvisers such as Tom Wheatley, Ilan Volkov and Otto Willberg, all of them with long careers as musicians. Another guest is the trumpet player Robin Steward, who also has a learning disability, she previously invited Jamaica to play at Cafe Oto as part of the EFG- London Jazz festival in December 2019. Jamaica have already played in other prestigious venues such as Institute of Contemporary Art with Sly and Family Drone in 2019 and the Iklectik Horse Festival in 2018.

I would like to invite all the people who want to explore new music dimensions to this unique event, Wednesday 8th January 7.30pm, Cafe Oto.

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