Thursday, 15 April 2021

Gate Kicks! remembered Leon Moody aka LM Dubz (31/09/1969- 25/10/2020) and his Storytime.

 Hey guys,

In this episode Gate Kicks! remember Leon Moody aka LM Dubz, who sadly passed away last year and everybody missed him a lot. Leon used to present the programme and used to tell wonderful stories. Leon was the bass player for 2 Decks band and the impro ensemble Jamaica. You will listen to different stories plus original music by 2 Decks and Labake & Mr Amazing,  as their song title said, life is too short,  so enjoy it!!!


Monday, 12 April 2021

Gate Kicks!!! on Science Fiction Films

 Hi Everyone,

In this episode, MC Top Richie, Labake and Mr Amazing discussed Science Fiction films from Dr Who to Back to the Future, they talked about the soundtracks of Delia Derbyshire and Chuck Berry plus few songs by the Gate members. Please seat relax and enjoy the programme and be ready for surprises.... as usual. 

Below: Delia Derbyshire creator of Doctor Who's theme working at BBC Workshop in the 60s.

Wednesday, 7 April 2021

Gate Kicks presenters tell their experiences with computer games

Hey guys, Gate Kicks presenters MC Top Richie, Mr Amazing and 2 Decks tell their stories involving computer games. We travelled in time from Fifa 1998 to mobile games talking about the recently inaugurated Nintendo's Mario Bross theme Park in Japan, X-Box's Halo, Play Station's Metal Gear Solid new version, the multi-console Mortal Kombat, game shops, tips, gaming addiction, etc A Big News!! is that The Gate is developing its own computer game called THE GATE STATION, which will be released at one point this year 2021, we are very excited regarding that. Enjoy the show!!