Friday, 18 May 2018

Visit from Marsha de Cordova MP.

Marsha de Cordova, the Shadow Minister for Disabled people, and MP for Battersea came in today to talk with our self-advocacy and speaking up group Sound Off!

We talked about all sorts of stuff - benefits, Grenfell, work for people with learning disabilities, support and care packages. It went really well.

Amy said, 'I was impressed with her responses to our questions'.
'It is good to have MPs come in - she was patient and took her time, and gave us the time to speak. She also tried hard to give us clear answers to our questions'.

Richie said 'I thought it was good that she understands what life is like as a Disabled person - she said good things about people looking at you and not making assumptions about what your needs are and whether you have a disability.'

Mandy said 'I liked what she said about benefits - it is scary and makes me anxious and she understands that - she's own our wavelength'.

Amy and Richie: 'Some people's disabilities or impairments are hidden so it is good to talk about this and make people think about hidden disabilities, and take care of each other'.

'She said things we liked about the world around us making barriers - the society needs to change, not us!'

'We would like Marsha to come back! And to see more Disabled people in parliament and speaking up for our rights!'

Amy and Richie

Wednesday, 16 May 2018

VIDEO DRAMA - Last Room in Yorkshire

In this Video drama Jackie and Marissa head to Yorkshire for a lovely holiday. However upon arrival they realise that finding their room is more challenging than expected...

This is released in memory of Salim who unfortunately passed away recently; this was his last video drama performance.