Thursday, 29 June 2017

ARTITUDE - LOOKATTHISLUNCH exhibition @ Chats SE1 3AY 16/6/17 - 19/6/17

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Captions by Mary.

A garage.

A garage too - all the same garage.

A cafe and a chair.

Small little Jackie's pictures.

A picture people drawed.

Table with art stuff.

Art stuff.

Table and picture by Becky.

Plasticine picture.

Pat's sticks.

Duane's farm one.

Becky's funfair.

Becky's game.

Like a Wi.


Like faces, little people.

That boy did these.

Football game.

It's got a face picture.

Kashan did the clock.

Plasticine and sticks and things.
Becky's trains, the whole lot of them.
It's a train.

I made this in art class.

Who did this?

Like someone else done it.

Writing people done.
I made this and another one, it's a sword.

Someone did MacDonalds.

Pat made this with sticks and plasticine.

Again, Pat done this ones.

Michael's butterfly one.

Like a plasticine people.

Little people.
A bird.

Like an eye on there.

Marissa's brain inside her head.

Like a bully.

A little people in a box

A people.

Someone done this in art class.

A painting.
Like a picture.

Sticks with plasticine sticking up.

Like a houses.

Like a finger.


Becky done this picture.

He come to do art class and he done this.

Another one in a box.

Like a clown.

Like plasticine to me.

Little people.

Like patterns.


Leon's faces.

Looks like a house to me.

A sea bird.


Becky's two elephants.

Two elephants again.

Elephants again.

Two elephants again.

Two elephants again.

Like a funfair.

Like a funfair again.


Duane's farm.

There's a funfair with a football in it.

Leon looking at his funfair.

Who done that?

Labake and leon are there.

People looking at it.
One Josh made.


Outside eating.