Wednesday, 3 August 2016

2DECKS, Dog Chocolate and Daniel Wakeford, DIY Space for London, 23/7/16


Mary: Darren's gig was good, he's good singing with the singing he did, he did the donkey one and music school and Roberto played the drums and Leon played the guitar and Josh played the guitar and they was really good. I think they should do it again.

Duane: 2Decks knows how to perform in a gig and he showed them how to do it, my favourite song is hold it down because I like the beat and I like the style of the music; it makes me feel good.

2Decks: This gig was in a venue that was a bit different to some other venue that i have been in and the acoustics are amazing. I really liked how the audience reacted to solo guitar playingJosh and the feedback they gave us after we finished our set.

Dog Chocolate.

Josh: The band that we've seen in south Bermondsey called Dog Chocolate who came on after 2decks, my thoughts on the band that they are incredibly energetic pure live performance that I've ever seen with bits of compasionate comedy and amusing stage acts with very hilarious lyrics and with the best personality for a unique sound and keeping the crowd going and extremely loud and fun.

Pics by Jason.
2Decks: Dog chocolate is mental and I like mental. This band is wacky with sense humour that makes me laugh. I liked their music so much that i brought it on vinyl.

Mary: They talked about snakes and Tescos and they was really good.

Daniel Wakeford.

Pic by Mark.
Daniel and 2Decks.
Mary: After the other band was Daniel, he was talking about girlfriends and his mum was there and I said hello to her. He sing about rainbows and his singing is good and that's it.

Josh: To me personally i thought he was emotional with his song being on stage sing to the crowd and cheering him on and it was really creative.

2Decks: Daniel Wakeford is an interesting person on stage and off stage. He is a man with talent and confidence bringing something new to table. After speaking to him i saw how much of nice guy he was. When he was performing stage I noticed that he was a bit of ladies man, they loved him. It kinda reminds me of Tom Jones.