Friday, 5 January 2018

Kiran's Kilimanjaro Climb.

Hi all, one of our regular-ish workers at the Gate is climbing the massive mountain Kilimanjaro to raise some cash for her group here at the Gate. Here's a message from Kiran and some pics from the trip so far and if you'd like to sponsor her endeavour you can do so at this Justgiving link. Please share. 

Hi all, My name is Kiran Bains and I am a trainee health psychologist who has worked for several years at Yarrow as a support worker and activities worker, and many different individuals with learning disabilities. Last summer I did some research with adults with learning disabilities and the people that support them to understand their points of view about what can help people with learning disabilities eat healthily and be active. Since then I've used my knowledge and experience to start running healthy eating workshops at the Gate with some users and am working with the Opening Doors project to create and distribute accessible healthy cooking resources for people with learning disabilities to use to improve their cooking skills and confidence. We are going to be creating videos and picture recipes, by adults with learning disabilities themselves, and putting these on the web for anyone to access. We also will have some physical copies of picture recipes and will send downloadable links to people so they can store these on their phones and tablets if they prefer, and look at these when they're in the kitchen. But first we need to get more people interested in and enjoying healthy living.