The Gate crew and Sly & The Family Drone post joint gig at ICA
The Gate is an arts and resource centre for people with learning disabilities based in Shepherds Bush, London. We were set up around twenty years ago by Yarrow Housing to cater for the daytime needs of their tenants and anyone else who could make use of us in the West London area and beyond. Largely we're an arts centre but we see ourselves as a base where people can come and be free to be themselves and express that in a creative manner and we think there should be a Gate on every street corner, for everyone.

Mary and her work at a pop up exhibition
Over the years we've been the home of the "Moment by Moment" theatre company which produced 3 plays and one short film, we've had various exhibitions and worked with the ICA and the V&A here in London and we've done charity gigs where we've raised thousands for various charities, we've played host to various bands and artists (please get in touch if you're either of these and would like to work with us)  and produced books of poetry and contributed to
academic texts, we've had a weekly comedy series on Youtube and we've produced a music review blog as well as knocking out loads of our own music, we've done various other things too but we believe we're not even started and that the world needs to see a lot more of us.

Gate Fashion show at  Stanley Picker Gallery
The Gate is open to anyone who needs it and has a regular timetable but there's loads that goes on around that too. We also know when it's time to just drop tools and chill and have a coffee and a chat though.

We welcome visitors and are proud of our little arts collective and love to big ourselves up so should anyone wish to check us out or think they might have something to contribute then please get in touch.

You can catch us at 54thegate@gmail.com.


"I first met Seb on music on mondays but he told me to come on friday for the music group too. He plays good music and makes funny videos and and he does good basslines and some dubs and I phone to know whats on, NICE ONE Seb." Leon.

"Morag is an art teacher here at the gate. she is a good art teacher always has good ideas but she always let us service users do what we like in art. She always help us in art." Amy

"I first met Arlo in Yarrow housing on Monday 5th March 2007 so I have known him eight years. Arlo does video drama and music and art." Mark.

"Lena teaches art, she's very smart and she has a giant heart." Labake.