Thursday, 22 April 2021

Gate Kicks presents the music of Mr Amazing

 Hey guys,

This episode is devoted to the music made by one of our Gate Kicks' presenters, Duane Warner aka Mr Amazing. He has collaborated on different music projects such as the impro ensemble Jamaica and other Gate's bands as a singer and bass player. He is from West London, an Arsenal football team supporter.   Mr Amazing, as most of us, has been isolated at home where he was bored with his daily routine, so using domestic objects from his kitchen, a small keyboard, and his mobile phone, he started to experiment recording samplers and making music on the spot. He shared some of these tracks with our audio wizard Lindsay Corstorphine, aliases Beehive Pines and Oblate, who has been responsible for the sound production. Mr Amazing's music is surprisingly creative, it could be tagged as experimental or avant-garde with hip-hop, funk, soul, and electronic music influences. On his tracks, you will find our Gate Kicks' co-presenters,  Labake Anisere and Richie aka MC Top Richie. I'm sure that you will be AMAZED by Mr Amazing's music, sincerely, he should be a rock star.