Thursday, 4 March 2021

Fantastic music made by our presenters 2 Decks, Labake, MC Top Richie and Mr. Amazing plus Les Harry's from France

 Hello Guys,

This is a special programme because in the next episode we'll have a guest from France, Franq de Quengo, who is the co-producer of Sonic Protest Festival which is the biggest neurodiverse music festival in world, it combines the best of experimental and avant-garde music including musicians with learning disabilities as our presenters who are accomplished musicians by their own means, so why not to show their music before this honourable guest is coming? Anyway, we also play an excerpt by the wonderful French band Les Harry's. This episode includes some unknow works by Mr. Amazing and MC Top Richie. Discover something will be amazed!!!

Members of Les Harry's on the left with purple t-shirt Anla Courtis, at the back on the right wearing sunglasses, Franq de Quengo, co-director of Sonic Protest Festival, France.