Sunday, 21 March 2021

Gate Kicks! Meets Radio Tisto.

Hey Joe!!
As a continuation of our previous episode, when we met Franq de Quengo, co-director of the most important inclusive avant-garde festival in the world Sonic protest, members of the French band Les Harry's broadcast a special edition of Radio Tisto on 3rd March 2021 for Resonance's audience. The history of this band and Radio Tisto started in 2013 when Sonic Protest invited Alan Courtis to lead an improvisation workshop with six autistic adults from the group ‘Radio and Music’ at the day hospital of Antony (through the association l’Elan Retrouv√©), then Les Harry’s and a bi-monthly radio show Radio Tisto on Radio Libertaire, which is a famous anarchist independent radio in Paris, were born...the rest is history.
Jamaica! sent to them a file with their latest recording released by Cafe Oto record label Takuroku called Leon and Les Harry's made a wonderful improvisation over it, the voice and music reminds me of many works by my favourite British avant-garde musician Robert Wyatt from Soft Machine and his solo career from The End of an Ear and Matching Mole. For further information about Radio Tisto please click here.